verybody deserves a good motivational read and I’ve dedicated this page to offering you all my favourite proof-read e-books, so put your feet up, relax and indulge!


The Anxious Buddhist by Stephen Sant. A fantastic uplifting book offering wise words and wonderful analogies. Stephen is a good friend of mine and he always welcomes feedback regarding his book, you can contact him directly from his book. The book is well written and offers some great insight into the buddhist way of life and how one can easily adapt some of the principals to aid recovery from anxiety and depressive disorders.


Understanding Anxiety Problems by Terry Dixon. This is a short read (40 pages) but an insightful read by an author has has written a few self help books. There is definitely something worth taking away from this read and another will further add to your understanding. A quick worthwhile read.


A fantastic read not just for the agoraphobic but also for ANYBODY who suffers with anxiety. Marius Smook has cured himself by using the Claire Weekes method and explains how he did. Simply brilliant!