I am very proud of my testimonials and I hope that they will offer you some confidence and reassurance. All of my testimonials are authentic and I always welcome people to attend my anxiety support groups held in Bury, Lancs where I am sure my testimonials and credentials will always be supported by my colleagues and my well-attended groups.

Eternally grateful

if you are reading this as a fellow sufferer or presently in the throws of anxiety, then i can assure you there is hope…and it’s just a phone call away….find the courage and give Matt a call, i can’t recommend him highly enough.

I’ve have been a sufferer all my life with severe episodes that would last months or even years.

Matt gave me the knowledge and insight i needed to understand what was happening; how (habitual) thoughts and feelings effect the hormone producing centres in the brain that will keep you in a cycle of fear and anxiety. Matt gave me the confidence to move towards understanding and acceptance, and the beginnings of a happier life.

His passion as a psychotherapist is wonderful and he will give you the tools you will need to help change your life too, ‘knowledge is power’ as a sign in his consulting room says.

I urge you to take that step to your relief from anxiety; contact Matt, you won’t be sorry.


Paul Salmon
Lymm, Cheshire

Paul Salmon

So glad i made that phone call

I have been a sufferer of anxiety all my life with severe episodes that would last months or even years, i mainly suffered in silence.

I am so glad i made that phone call to Matt, he opened the gateway to the understanding of my illness.

Matt gave me the knowledge and insight into what was happening and strategies for coping and accepting.

Thoughts (underpinned by worry and rumination) influence the ‘sensitising’ hormone producing centres in the brain and can keep you in a cycle of fear and anxiety!

Matt gave me the confidence to move towards understanding and acceptance, and the beginnings of a happier life.

The trick is to keep the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic aspects of the nervous system in balance by being ‘aware’ and recognise the significant part ‘Second Fear’ has to play in keeping you ill.

Matt’s passion as a psychotherapist is wonderful and he will give you the tools you will need to help change your life too, ‘knowledge is power’ as a sign says in his consulting room.

I cannot recommend Matt enough to anyone who suffers from anxiety, in all it’s many manifestations.

I also urge you to read ‘Hope and help for your nerves’ by the wonderful Dr Claire Weekes.


Paul Salmon

I am not that different after all

I came across Matt’s website when I was struggling with anxiety, including social anxiety. I have met many therapists over the last 3 years and it was Matt’s approach that led to me contacting him.  From the first call through to the final therapy session, I experienced true compassion and understanding from Matt. His approach in explaining exactly how our body reacts to fears, was so enlightening. Matt provided me with many tools to use in reducing and managing my anxiety better. The information and guidance provided by Matt has had a deep impact on my life and I will forever be grateful. I am happy to say that since I’ve met with Matt, I have not been to see any other therapist and just by using the tools and advice and mindful practices shared by Matt, I am living a healthier and more fulfilling life. Thank you Matt!

Charne Lindenberg

Truly inspirational

Matt helped me to overcome my anxieties and to really understand how to control my mind and get through the panic attacks.

I found him to be engaging and truly inspirational. Matt, I can’t thank you enough.

I would certainly not hesitate in recommending Matt.

Sue B

Compassionate and Understanding

Matt has been paramount in my journey through anxiety. His understanding of anxiety truly is excellent meaning he has been able to explain every part of what I am going through which in turn has allowed me to come to terms and work through my symptoms. Matt has gone above and beyond to support me in recovery and I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to recommend him to help in whatever struggles you’re going through. Thank you so much for all your help so far in my journey.

Leanne Savery

Loosen and accept

Matt has been amazing throughout my journey when I first realised I had anxiety. Always there on the other side of the phone for a chat if needed which I am so grateful for. It’s so good to speak to someone who actually understands you, and can relate to you in so many ways. Thanks again Matt.. 😀

Paige Slattery

Matt is great at setting you on the right path for recovery and was a great support

I saw Matt when going through a tough time with anxiety. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Hearing him talk so frankly about his own personal experiences made me feel that he really understood what I was going through. He really helped put me on the right path with really good explanations of what causes and perpetuates anxiety backed up by science, good reading material, encouragement and reassurance. He was always there for support if I had some additional questions or concerns. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. Thank you Matt. Really appreciate all your help.

Abbas Ismail

Totally Inspired

I was first introduced to Matt by Jason Anker MBE and after a very brief conversation I was totally inspired at his passion around helping those suffering from mental health. Shortly after this introduction Matt kindly delivered a very thought provoking presentation to the NWCSG which completely “gripped the attention” of the audience.

I have stayed in contact with Matt who has since supported Create Construction and I am in no doubt that he will provide further support in the future

Claire Oakes

Matt’s fantastic and has helped me and my daughter

I would not hesitate in recommending Matt with all your anxiety and depression needs .Matt has not just read from text books and done exams, he has also lived with it himself so had a fantastic knowledge of the why’s we ask. He hasn’t just helped me ,he has also helped my daughter of which I am very thankful of . (Knowledge is the key ).

Beverely Carroll

Remarkable chap!

Matt helped me learn how to apply acceptance and what it truly means. He has a wealth of knowledge and I’ve made more progress with him than any other therapist I’ve ever seen. For once I see light at the end of theach tunnel!

Leon Chambers

Knowledgeable and fluent

Matt is both knowledgeable and fluent… generous too as he let me ‘steal’ some his best slides! A fascinating presenter with a very strong reputation for his one on one work

Professor Tim Marsh

My sessions have been extremely helpful and precious

The sessions with Matt have been extremely helpful and precious in my journey to befriend and heal anxiety

Catalin Zorzini

Knowledge really is power!

Matt has helped my son significantly with his anxiety and I’m eternally grateful for this. I also had the pleasure of attending one of his presentationstuff which was amazing. He explained really well how thoughts can affect our body. Knowledge really is power!

Debbie Corry

A fascinating chap with tons of knowledge

I first saw Matt when he came to my work to do a presentation on anxiety and depression which sunsequently led to some private therapy. Matts talk really got the office talking and opening up to each other. It was so powerful and liberating, not to mention fascinating. It only took an hour, but the knowledge I gained from the session and my therapy will last me a lifetime!

Tom Matley


Matt is nothing short of inspirational. A true pioneer in his field and an inspiration for so many sufferers.

Jason Anker

He made everybody feel very welcome and at ease

Matt has done a lot of research on the subject of all kinds of anxiety, and also experienced this himself. I first met Matt at an anxiety support group called BIG in Mental Health which Matt hosted. He made everybody feel very welcome and at ease, it was so nice to go to the group for the reassurance that I wasn’t going mad. This is one of the classic symtoms of anxiety amongst many others ……….the pins and needles in your arms, your heart beating out of your chest… everyone in the group had some form of these symptoms. Matt explained all of them and why they happen very clearly. Having suffered himself for many years and through his own research and recovery Matt genuinely wanted to give something back to people who suffered with anxiety. The ability to lead a normal life again with the aid of various techniques and the knowledge Matt has given me, I would have no hesitation in contacting him for his professional help if needed again. This is a fantastic person who is easy to talk to ,understands you and knows what it is like to live trapped in an anxiety ridden life. Good luck Matt I wish you every success.

Beverley C (Bury, Lancs)

Matt is a great facilitator and a great guy

I suffer from anxiety and have done most of my life especially due to PTSD. I suffer intense fast heart beats and wake up during the night with panic attacks because of my nightmares. I first came across Matt in Bury going back many years ago where he ran groups for people suffering from anxiety. I found his sessions very useful and informative but most of all I was surrounded by people who knew what it felt like to have anxiety and especially Matt who himself has struggled with it. I attend BIG in Mental Health groups where Matt gives an insight into anxiety and I cant stress enough the amount of help I get from it. Matt is a great facilitator and a great guy who can explain in simple terms how to manage anxiety. He has now gone on leaps and bounds to do more research and progress in his career. Good luck Matt and thanks for your ongoing support.

Geeta S (Whitefield, Manchester)

I would not hesitate in the first place to recommend Matthew

“My husband developed anxiety about 9 months ago and was really not in a good place. Through a friend of ours who recommended Matthew Coleclough, my husband decided to have a couple of sessions with Matthew. He was so good and explained things in a really straightforward way so that the lay person could understand what was happening. He also brought along a model of a brain to demonstrate what happens when you are suffering which really was so helpful. (I think also due to the fact that Matthew has himself suffered in the past helps as well).

I would not hesitate in the first place to recommend Matthew if you are suffering from stress and anxiety or indeed any other problems”

Joan P (Greenfield, Oldham)

I would highly recommend him

I have been to see many doctors, therapists and one psychiatrist in my life and have been on countless medication for my long standing anxiety and depressive problems with little progress. Matthew had given me more hope and confidence for a brighter future in one session than all of them put together! I know I still have a long way to go and many more memories of suffering to dampen but I feel confident and able that I will get there. I only wish I had seen Matthew many years ago. I would highly recommend him. Thanks again Matthew!

P Simmons (Ashton, Manchester)

He is extremely knowledgeable!

My problems began in November (2015) after the death of my mother and I began to get panic attacks. i had never experienced them previously but had always been somewhat of a nervous child (I’m 34 now). I initially went to doctors who prescribed my Citalopram and was put on a waiting list to see a CBT therapist but I felt I needed help quickly. After researching the Internet I discovered Matthew through Right Therapy and decided to pay for private therapy. Matthew runs his practice from home and it is a very nice relaxing room where he does it from. He explained why I had developed anxiety and even showed me a real life size model of a brain and described exactly where the problems were happeningv. I felt more at ease once I knew exactly what was happening and Matthew explained everything very clearly. He is extremely knowledgeable!

After two sessions I felt confident I knew everything and able to cope with future episodes. I feel having been through this that I am a much stronger individual now and certainly look at life with different eyes. Matthew you have been a real gem! Thank you.

Katie B (Prestwich, Manchester)

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