Matt Coleclough – Psychotherapist

Hello and welcome to Manchester Anxiety Help. I provide unique and specialist therapy for all types of anxiety disorders and depression. My website also includes lots of useful facts, articles and tips regarding anxiety and depression so please feel free to browse my library and use it as a ‘go to’ for all your requirements. I keep my content updated regularly and keep up to date with the latest research and findings. I’m also very proud of my testimonials so please take a look at these and see some reviews from my previous clients.

First and foremost, please let me reassure you that no matter how long you have suffered with anxiety and/or depression, whether a week, a month or even fifty years (my eldest client to date was 92 years old!). You CAN recover. You only need a grain of hope and determination, and faith the size of a mustard seed to begin with and from this recovery can be born. I have helped people overcome a lifetime of suffering who had tried many options and were at the end of their tether. Sometimes you just need to see things through different eyes.

Please read my About me page to learn a little bit more about me, my credentials and how I became a psychotherapist.

Knowledge is power, but without action it’s powerless!

In my opinion the reason many people struggle to make a lasting recovery is because they have not had their condition properly explained to them. People need to be told how these disorders develop and how they unknowingly prolong the suffering – everything must be explained and no stone must be left unturned otherwise people become complacent and leave the door wide open for ‘its’ return. A good understanding of how the chemistry and neurology of the brain and body is affected by thoughts is paramount to recovery. I help people not only treat the symptoms of their illness but also the root cause. People need to be made aware of the snares that often lie ahead in recovery and how to deal with them. Clearing away as much bewilderment as possible is the key to helping people completely recover from anxiety disorders and depression.

You have only got to look at the increasing number of sufferers across the country to know that the current system the UK has in place is lacking. I believe this is primarily because of a lack in the ability to give people sufficient understanding and explain to them exactly what is going on and why it persists. I provide a full understanding of your condition and offer a successful method for recovery.

How do I differ from other therapists?

  • My sessions are extremely informative – in just one session you will gain a thorough understanding of your condition and a proven method for recovery.
  • I have the knowledge and ability to explain your condition regardless of your background and to adapt to any level of understanding.
  • My ability to help people is enhanced through my own personal experience of severe anxiety and depression and my success in overcoming it.
  • I provide free ongoing support in between sessions by email and telephone. Sometimes a five minute pep talk can mean the difference between success and setback!
  • My private therapy is low cost and incredibly effective. I provide a deep level of understanding and guidance in such a short period of time – my aim is to aid a quick and lasting recovery.
  • My therapy is run in the comfort of my own home in a relaxed, informal and cosy environment.

What is expected from you?

  • As obvious as it sounds, it is expected that you really want to be free of your illness and improve your mental wellbeing. It amazes me how many people believe that they are unable to achieve recovery.
  • That you fully commit to the sessions and give it your best shot.
  • That you adapt your lifestyle to the best of your abilities in order to make positive changes.
  • That you acknowledge to yourself that anxiety and/or depression is a problem and that it needs to be addressed.

How long will my therapy last?

  • My style of therapy aims to be quick. This is because I believe that most of the ‘hard-wiring’ comes from your own application and repetition. I give a full understanding of your condition and provide constant encouragement and advice in between sessions.
  • My average number of sessions per client is just three, although, some are quicker and some longer. I do not believe in prolonging therapy unnecessarily. My ethos is maximum impact, minimum cost.
  • The general structure for my therapy is understanding, reinforcement and lifestyle disciplines.

This is a documentary which I appear in. The documentary tries to answer the question, ‘Is mindfulness meditation good or bad for anxiety?’