Matthew Coleclough

Hello and welcome to my website Manchester Anxiety Help.  I am a psychotherapist and mental health speaker who has helped to educate and positively transform the lives of many people.  I have helped people from all walks of life in my therapy practice since 2014 and have been actively speaking at events, big and small, all over the UK since 2010.  I am an extremely passionate, knowledgeable and personable individual who uses innovative and practical ways to help people to understand difficult concepts.

My website includes lots of useful facts, articles and tips regarding anxiety and depression so please feel free to browse my library and use it as a ‘go to’ whenever you need to.  I’m also very proud of my testimonials so please take a look at these and see some reviews/feedback from my previous clients.

Please read my About me page to learn a little bit more about me, my story and how I became a psychotherapist and mental health speaker.