This is an excellent piece of writing and a must read for anyone with a mental illness (and an open mind), more emphasise on the mind and less on medication for me all the way! There is this annoying mindset in the UK that medication must be taken very seriously when it comes to anxiety and depression. I disagree, I think this kind of mindset does much more harm than good! Yes medication may serve a purpose but only in short term and not so readily supplied. I personally have helped hundreds of people overcome their anxiety and depressive disorders simply by giving them a good understanding as to the cause of there suffering and offering them a definite programme of recovery. I believe what this country lacks is education particularly to the origin of these disorders, the neurology involved and a particular focus on the ‘mind’. Having said that, it isn’t easy to change people beliefs in medication and the ‘chemical imbalance’ theory that seems so ingrained in peoples thinking, and this is why taking people off medication can be so difficult, the power of suggestibility will always dominate. People only need to look at the increase in anxiety and depressive victims and suicide rates to realise that our current programme for recovery is way of the mark.