I have been a sufferer of anxiety all my life with severe episodes that would last months or even years, i mainly suffered in silence.

I am so glad i made that phone call to Matt, he opened the gateway to the understanding of my illness.

Matt gave me the knowledge and insight into what was happening and strategies for coping and accepting.

Thoughts (underpinned by worry and rumination) influence the ‘sensitising’ hormone producing centres in the brain and can keep you in a cycle of fear and anxiety!

Matt gave me the confidence to move towards understanding and acceptance, and the beginnings of a happier life.

The trick is to keep the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic aspects of the nervous system in balance by being ‘aware’ and recognise the significant part ‘Second Fear’ has to play in keeping you ill.

Matt’s passion as a psychotherapist is wonderful and he will give you the tools you will need to help change your life too, ‘knowledge is power’ as a sign says in his consulting room.

I cannot recommend Matt enough to anyone who suffers from anxiety, in all it’s many manifestations.

I also urge you to read ‘Hope and help for your nerves’ by the wonderful Dr Claire Weekes.