Matt has done a lot of research on the subject of all kinds of anxiety, and also experienced this himself. I first met Matt at an anxiety support group called BIG in Mental Health which Matt hosted. He made everybody feel very welcome and at ease, it was so nice to go to the group for the reassurance that I wasn’t going mad. This is one of the classic symtoms of anxiety amongst many others ……….the pins and needles in your arms, your heart beating out of your chest… everyone in the group had some form of these symptoms. Matt explained all of them and why they happen very clearly. Having suffered himself for many years and through his own research and recovery Matt genuinely wanted to give something back to people who suffered with anxiety. The ability to lead a normal life again with the aid of various techniques and the knowledge Matt has given me, I would have no hesitation in contacting him for his professional help if needed again. This is a fantastic person who is easy to talk to ,understands you and knows what it is like to live trapped in an anxiety ridden life. Good luck Matt I wish you every success.