My problems began in November (2015) after the death of my mother and I began to get panic attacks. i had never experienced them previously but had always been somewhat of a nervous child (I’m 34 now). I initially went to doctors who prescribed my Citalopram and was put on a waiting list to see a CBT therapist but I felt I needed help quickly. After researching the Internet I discovered Matthew through Right Therapy and decided to pay for private therapy. Matthew runs his practice from home and it is a very nice relaxing room where he does it from. He explained why I had developed anxiety and even showed me a real life size model of a brain and described exactly where the problems were happeningv. I felt more at ease once I knew exactly what was happening and Matthew explained everything very clearly. He is extremely knowledgeable!

After two sessions I felt confident I knew everything and able to cope with future episodes. I feel having been through this that I am a much stronger individual now and certainly look at life with different eyes. Matthew you have been a real gem! Thank you.