if you are reading this as a fellow sufferer or presently in the throws of anxiety, then i can assure you there is hope…and it’s just a phone call away….find the courage and give Matt a call, i can’t recommend him highly enough.

I’ve have been a sufferer all my life with severe episodes that would last months or even years.

Matt gave me the knowledge and insight i needed to understand what was happening; how (habitual) thoughts and feelings effect the hormone producing centres in the brain that will keep you in a cycle of fear and anxiety. Matt gave me the confidence to move towards understanding and acceptance, and the beginnings of a happier life.

His passion as a psychotherapist is wonderful and he will give you the tools you will need to help change your life too, ‘knowledge is power’ as a sign in his consulting room says.

I urge you to take that step to your relief from anxiety; contact Matt, you won’t be sorry.


Paul Salmon
Lymm, Cheshire